boo (hoo)

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how many licks?


it normally takes me more than three.

how many licks-rgb-01

just testing a selection technique in photoshop. it passed.


apocolypse meow

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What is it about the end times that are so fascinating?  Remember Y2K? What about SARS?  But If the end were really the best part, why didn’t I ever finish Lost?

hell in a hand basket 4b-01

Though asteroid impacts, ballistic missiles, or any other omen from the sky can be alluring, there is nothing more contagious than the fear of apocalyptic disruption brought by the other people.  We are quick to fear our neighbors and eager to point various fingers.  “Oh the kids these days, they are ruining it for the rest of us.”  Those damned unions. The GOP. The gays. The Feminists. the NRA. What have you.  Perhaps it’s the feelings of agency we gain through huffington-post-enhanced critique.  Oh these uneasy times, if only the ancient Mayans had left some sort of calendar.  Whatever the hyperbole, there’s nothing better than a good apocalypse; and if we are going to hell anyway, what better way to get there than a hand basket.

and just for fun:

hell in a hand basket X

(and for the record, I’m not really into cats.)

topological tropes

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wow, who knew that cs6 had a tilt/shift feature…

crumple wall paper clear


crumple 1

fun times
as for the trope, I think you get it.  or if you don’t, I would’t blame you.  its a little vague.  do vague tropes even exist?


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eu- or dis-
whichever, probably not a neutropia

competition web

competition entry with: W.Watson (, about deterritorialization, finance, and accessible space.

winter may have nearly passed…

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but season III is coming.

blond bottle

blond bottle rev_2



BLONDE photoreal


my brother brews beer.  my brother watches game of thrones.  i draw pictures.  the results aren’t that surprising.

one giant leap for mankind

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Moon walks… Bouncy castles…
I can’t be serious all the time…

giant leap

I wish I had been to space camp….

the internets

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i can has cheesberger.
and smart phones.

image web
I think this may call for a little more explanation than most of the images I post:

Before I explain anything, I have to say that I am pretty pumped to live in a time when images can be made and consumed with ease.  Technology is accessible, the medias are ubiquitous, and anyone can peruse the archive of everything while they wait in line for sushi or kale salad at lunch.   So, I don’t intend to make any implications about hand-baskets headed for hell.


I live in the city and work in a spot right between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.  So, naturally I see many tourists (and just as frequently, natives) with one arm outstretched, mobile-phone in hand, photographing their own faces, or each other, or places, or dogs, or food… on and on…  Every morning, afternoon, and evening, I watch people stop and take the exact same photograph from precisely the same spot (search “manhattan bridge dumbo” on google), and this repetition is fascinating.  It’s not as simple as copying information over and over;  a new photograph is produced each time.  It’s the continual recreation of the same information that seems fundamental to it.

There’s something that is comforting about seeing the same content portrayed this way, over and over again.  There’s something that is comforting about seeing the same content over again.  The familiarity of it, repetition that is, is everywhere.  It’s on the news; it’s in gossip; it’s in our behavior; its in our nature.  And most importantly, it’s on the internet.

Rather than “picturesque” being a quality that is accidentally true of good content that ends up on the internet, good content is designed and created to be picturesque.  The object is to be repeated (I don’t expect the image above to be repeated).  That’s what this image is about.  Repeated content.  And what is more iconic, then the meme of the cat?  Surely nothing.