Broadacres, Garden Cities, and GIS Follies

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24×36 inches of metropolis




first paris…

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then the world-01



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eu- or dis-
whichever, probably not a neutropia

competition web

competition entry with: W.Watson (, about deterritorialization, finance, and accessible space.

popular glasses

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thank you Corb.

further development

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porter house


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they exist in this project.  unlike biangles.  which apparently do not.

who wants to circulate?

sledding is not recommended.
residential complex.

wheel chair accessible only.
entrance to hotel.

 hotel lobby.

site plan.
the two linear buildings to the south are residential buildings.  the northern building with the kink is a hotel/ convention center.
oh yeah, and there’s also a velodrome somewhere in there.

what’s done is done

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now we need to finish it.

adult swim

glue lam = spine = track for 12′ sliding doors = architectural zipline = yes

once I had an awkward conversation.  it was about the people in this rendering.

since the whole ring thing, sauron occasionally spends his summers working as a lifeguard.

so yeah, this is a sample of the drawings my comrades and I cranked out for the final review.  there is over a gig in photoshop alone.  hats off to greg who photoshoped the second and last of the renderings, and to tara, who did the third.  I have hat hair.

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