apocolypse meow

October 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

What is it about the end times that are so fascinating?  Remember Y2K? What about SARS?  But If the end were really the best part, why didn’t I ever finish Lost?

hell in a hand basket 4b-01

Though asteroid impacts, ballistic missiles, or any other omen from the sky can be alluring, there is nothing more contagious than the fear of apocalyptic disruption brought by the other people.  We are quick to fear our neighbors and eager to point various fingers.  “Oh the kids these days, they are ruining it for the rest of us.”  Those damned unions. The GOP. The gays. The Feminists. the NRA. What have you.  Perhaps it’s the feelings of agency we gain through huffington-post-enhanced critique.  Oh these uneasy times, if only the ancient Mayans had left some sort of calendar.  Whatever the hyperbole, there’s nothing better than a good apocalypse; and if we are going to hell anyway, what better way to get there than a hand basket.

and just for fun:

hell in a hand basket X

(and for the record, I’m not really into cats.)


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